Kathrina Miccio was born in  NY.  and  family roots  are from the Sorrento coast of Italy and Sciacca Sicily. She is a graduate of Wagner College theatrical College with a BA in Fine Arts and Theater, where she began her desire to act. She recently has been cast in BIRR, The Fifth Borough, and A Beautiful Distraction . Kathrina had a reoccurring part on the Sopranos as Diane the bartender.

She wrote, is producing, directing and starring in St. Joseph, a short comedy, St. Joseph’s  supporting cast includesAngela Pietrapinto Lou Martini, Toni D’Antonio, Jackie “The Jokeman” Martling, and Anthony Mangano. St. Joseph in now in the film festival circuit , which 3 wins, Best Short Film, Best Woman FilmMaker and Best Director. Also 6 semi-finals, and 6 official selections in a matter of 2 weeks.

Kathrina is also a Breast Cancer survivor, and wrote this to make up for the sorrow her friends and family felt for her while going through treatment.